Swimmer examines his wetsuit before placing it in storage. Text on design reads Wetsuit Care Instructions You Need to Know. Learn more at https://therookietri.com/wetsuit-care-instructions/

Follow these wetsuit care instructions to extend its life

Wetsuits are a big investment. But they’re worth it because they’re helpful in the water. Proper wetsuit care is important so you can extend its life and get the most out of your investment. Whether you have a full suit, sleeveless, or compression shorts proper wetsuit care can make a big difference. Whether you’re swimming in a pool or open water, follow the wetsuit care instructions below and take proper care of your wetsuit. Pro tip: read about William’s first triathlon (2018 Rookie Tri) and see the difference a wetsuit can make.

Steps to follow

  • Wetsuits can be used in all open water conditions. No matter the water, you should always rinse your suit in clean, cool water after each use. Pro tip: if possible, don’t use your wetsuit in a chlorinated swimming pool. Over time the chlorine can damage the seams and degrade the fabric of the suit.
  • To preserve the life of the wetsuit, always store your wetsuit laying flat or hanging in a dry place on a thick plastic hanger. Wetsuits can be heavy so make sure the hanger is sturdy. You don’t want to find your wetsuit crumpled up at the bottom of a closet.
  • Make sure your wetsuit is completely dry before you put it away or it will mildew and STINK! Turn your wetsuit inside out to help it dry faster. Never leave your wetsuit out in the sun to dry. Pro tip: incorporating a swim-to-bike brick workout is a great way to practice taking off your wetsuit after exiting the water.
  • Periodically wash your wetsuit with wetsuit shampoo. This will keep the integrity of the fabric as well as keep it from becoming mildewy and stinky. Try Jaws Slosh Wetsuit Shampoo the next time you wash your wetsuit.
  • Only use approved lubricates when putting on your wetsuit. Like chlorine, unapproved lubricants can degrade the fabric and have your wetsuit falling apart at the seams. Petroleum jelly (Vaseline) or any other petroleum-based product will literally eat holes in your suit lining. Try TRISLIDE Spray the next time you put on your wetsuit.
  • If you have to travel with your wetsuit, fold as stated below. Folded seams and a crumpled suit can lead to more tearing when you are putting the suit on.
    • Fold the legs halfway up.
    • Make an X when you fold the arms.
    • Fold the remaining legs over the arms and torso.
    • Unfold when you arrive.