Recovery foods/drinks provide many post-workout benefits

Most athletes recognize how important it is to know what they need to consume to ensure their body can keep up with all the physical exertion it goes through. From whey protein shakes to carb-loading, lots of trial and error goes into their diet. And this doesn’t just apply to before they exercise or race – they also know that it’s important to eat and drink within an hour or so after completing a workout to promote muscle recovery.

Recovery foods and drinks provide the body with what’s needed to begin muscle refueling, rehydration, muscle/tissue repair, and inflammation control. It’s so important that athletes take time to let their muscle tissues recover after strenuous workouts, otherwise, they could worsen. To try and aid the recovery of the tissue, it might be worth looking into a supplement like lypo vitamin c. This is believed to help tissue recovery and also support immune function, ensuring that the athlete remains in top health. Supplements might be useful to look into. With some exceptions, just about anything you might choose to eat or drink after a workout is better than nothing, from a recovery perspective. However, some choices are more beneficial than others. On top of this, you can also take a supplement like this casein protein powder that can help promote muscle recovery so that could be a better option for some of you but, for now, we’re focusing on what foods can help us. So what are the best recovery foods?

The nutrients your body needs most after exercise are carbohydrates for muscle refueling, protein and amino acids for muscle repair, water/electrolytes for rehydration, and antioxidants to manage inflammation. Click here to learn about the products that you can get from a dispensary that can help you manage any inflammation and pain that you may be experiencing after your workout – the body can be pretty shaken after a heavy workout so many athletes look towards taking something to take the edge off. Your post-workout nutrition choices should provide all of these nutrients and little else. You don’t want anything to “get in the way” of the absorption and activation of these nutrients. There are plenty of natural foods (oatmeal anyone?) that will do the job.

Specially formulated post-workout recovery products such as bars and drink mixes offer certain advantages. The best recovery products are carefully formulated to provide exactly what your body needs. They’re formulated with the correct amounts, and nothing extra. They also tend to be more convenient than regular foods. You can take them with you to workouts away from home and not have to wait to eat. And often they are easier to consume soon after workouts when you may not be especially hungry.

Some of our favorites:

nuun performance – rehydrates, provides electrolytes and carbs

Clif Energy Granola – all the goodness you need!

RXBAR – packed with protein, carbs, and sugars

Gatorade Whey Protein Bar – mixture of carbs and protein

Epic Bars – high in protein, gluten-free, grain-free

What are your preferred recovery foods?