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This advice will help you save money on triathlon

Are triathlons expensive? This is what most athletes that start triathlon training wonder. However, this is one of many misconceptions about triathlon. Triathlons can be inexpensive when you smartly plan things. Most triathlon essentials can be found used and purchased at a discount. Best of all, you can start triathlon training if you have a pair of good shoes, a swimsuit, goggles, and any bike in good condition. Follow the advice below to save money on triathlon.

Here are tips to help you save

Don’t buy more than you need

Buy only what you really need. For instance, you don’t need to buy a bike! That’s right, you can rent a bike race weekend from a local bike shop. Or you could borrow one from a friend who isn’t racing that day. Pro tip: this triathlon equipment checklist will get you started.

Also, don’t buy a swim cap if you don’t have one. You will get one when you pick up the packet from your triathlon. As far as the other swimming gear is concerned, you don’t need to purchase fins or a kickboard. You can borrow them from your friends or at your gym’s pool. Read about what Jack Murry, co-owner of High Five Events, used for his first triathlon!

Find a free workout plan online

You don’t need to spend a fortune on hiring a trainer. Save money by opting for a free online workout plan instead. There are many triathlon training plan options available. They are designed by experts and give you the confidence and training needed to help reach the finish line. You can also tailor the workout plans to suit your needs and schedule. Start today with this free triathlon training plan

Register early

Triathlons have price increases as they get closer to the event date. We suggest you register and start triathlon training early. This will save you money and gives you time to prepare and increase your endurance. If you are lucky enough, you can also grab good deals by registering before a certain date. For instance, we offer a combo deal where you save $10 when you register for both the Rookie Tri and CapTex Tri. Just select Combo Deal during checkout when registering for either event.

Participate in local triathlons

Find local triathlons that fit your budget. You’ll avoid spending heavily on travel and other travel-related expenses. Some excellent Austin triathlons are CapTex Tri and Jack’s Generic Tri. They offer the same amount of fun at a far lesser price.

Join a club

Become a member of a gym or a group to take advantage of their discounts and deals. Some are entirely free, while you need to pay a nominal fee for several others. Austin Triathlon Club is a great, local nonprofit group. Their members include triathletes of all levels and they have programs to introduce beginners to the sport.

Register for Rookie Tri, select the CapTex Tri Combo Deal, and start training for two of Austin’s favorite triathlons today!