Rookie Tri how to put on swim cap
The Rookie Tri beginner triathlon swim start swim cap colorsIn a triathlon like the Rookie Tri, swim caps are provided as part of the race and are required to be worn during the swim portion of the event. Different groups will wear different colors to help signal when waves are starting. Talk to those who have the same cap color, you may just make a friend in line.
If you’re not used to wearing a swim cap, putting one on can be tricky business, especially if you have long hair!
Here is a few tips that you help you put on your swim cap with ease.

Putting On The Swim Cap

First, it is best to have your hair and your cap wet. Then, the best way to do this is to hold the cap by the sides and open the cap as wide as possible. Then bring your head forward into the cap. Start by pulling the cap over your forehead then carry on working it down towards the back of your head.

If you have long hair you should put your hair in a mid to low loose ponytail. Leave your hair out to the back. Pull the cap on halfway. Then twist up the rest of your ponytail up into the cap. Try to put it in the cap as evenly as possible so that the cap still has a good seal. Tuck any flyaway hairs along your face up into the cap. These small hairs can get tangled in your goggles when you are swimming and it will be painful to unravel them when you are done.

What to Avoid

Swimmers that put their hair up in large buns or high ponytails create a point in their cap this lets in water because it is not sealed correctly around the face.

Be careful not you use your fingernails when putting on your cap. A small tear can quickly grow and you don’t want anything distracting you in the swim.

Putting the swim cap too low on your forehead. Make sure that your goggles are touching your face and not your swim cap.

Swim cap colors will be posted on the schedule page of the website before the event. You can see last year as an example.

     – Happy swimming!