Protect your precious bike with these 8 security tips

You probably know someone whose bike was stolen. Maybe you’ve had your bike stolen. Maybe you’ve hired a bike rental from a site like and want to ensure nothing bad happens while it’s your responsibility. Or perhaps triathlon offseason is now underway, and you think now is the perfect time to re-evaluate your bike security. Here are a few security tips to keep your bike out of the arms of a thief while you train for the next Rookie Triathlon.

Bike security tips

  • Verify the serial number that is etched on the bike. Typically it is underneath the bottom bracket or on one of the chainstays. Some bike shops record the serial number at the time of purchase; consider contacting the original bike shop to verify the number. Some rentals have this serial number on the receipt. This number can help prove a bike is stolen and help the police return a stolen bike.
  • Let your insurance company know about your important investment. Provide your insurer with photos to verify ownership as well as an original sales receipt and serial number. This is helpful in the event your bike is stolen. The police and your insurance company need this information to expedite the process. If you are in Thailand, you could look at the website for‘s website for more information regarding your bike insurance queries.
  • Register your bike with the National Bike Registry (NBR). The NBR is the only true national database where bikes can be identified by police and returned to the rightful owner. Register today!

Bike lock advice

  • Never leave your bike unlocked and unattended outside ANY building – this includes your local bike shop. Unfortunately, bike theft can happen even in your backyard. You just never know who might be passing through.
  • If you keep your bike at home, make sure that you have a Home security system. Bikes are unfortunately stolen on a surprisingly regular basis, but installing security cameras and alarms on your property can deter potential criminals.
  • Avoid locking your bike outside for an extended period of time. If you ride your bike to work on a consistent basis, see if your employer will allow you to bring your bike inside. If not, lock it up in a secure place that is visible to more people.
  • Invest in a quality lock if locking your bike outside is unavoidable. To make sure you have a good locking system, some people like to read reviews from Buyers Impact for example. They offer a list of good bike locks that are recommended to any bicycle owner. Try to avoid the thinner cable locks. Look for the beefier U-Lock style lock. In addition to the U-Lock, commuters should consider carrying a heavier cable lock so you can lock your bike to almost anything.
  • If you leave your bike in your car consider covering it with a blanket and/or keep it out of plain view as much as possible.
  • If you need to leave your bike on your bike rack for an extended period, make sure to lock it on the rack. Some racks come with an existing lock which works great. The other option is to use a heavy cable lock.