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Don’t jump in the water without knowing these 6 swimming tips

Most triathletes come from the running or cycling world. There are some who start as swimmers, but often, swimming is the last added specialty. However, this doesn’t make swimming any less important in your triathlon journey. Some say it is the most critical aspect because it’s the first event in a triathlon. Make sure you’re prepared to sail through the water toward a successful race day. Incorporate these 6 swimming tips that every beginner triathlete should know. They’ll help you through the beginning phase of your swimming so you can work towards your triathlon goals. It’s not a bad idea for veteran triathletes to brush up on these 6 swimming tips too! 

Pro tip: add these swimming tips to this additional beneficial advice when you start triathlon training.

Important swimming tips for beginner triathletes

  1. Practice breathing

Breathing may come naturally when running and cycling, but swimming requires you to practice the rhythm. You’re not above water the entire time! With a comfortable underwater breathing practice, you will ensure that you are not short of breath. The key is to ensure you get enough oxygen without disrupting your form.

  1. Fight the instinct

The more you practice swimming, the better.

Swimming is a counter-intuitive exercise. Remembering this will help you in fighting with your basal survival and panic instincts. This takes time as you need to override your natural thoughts such as kicking hard and fast, looking forward, and lifting up of the head to breathe. The more your practice, the better. Swimming in cold water can increase the chances you panic. Knowing about swimming in cold water’s benefits and these safety tips can decrease those chances.

  1. Break it down

Separate your initial learning into segments using milestones rather than distance. These segments could include getting water comfortable, understanding your gear, floating, and efficiently moving forward. Eventually, you will become comfortable with those and distance will become your milestones. The right pair of swim goggles can make a massive difference when you first start out.

  1. Be consistent

Distance isn’t the only aspect of swimming you should focus on as a beginner. Focus on keeping your swimming consistent and maintaining good quality. The more often you practice, the more likely you are to flush out bad habits and see improvement. Add swimming in open water to your routine so you become more comfortable. Pair consistency with this advice and you’ll get over any open-water fears.

  1. Rock your hips

Work on your technique to become more efficient.

You have to rock your hips with every stroke. This roll of the body will help you in the smooth moving of your arms and provide more power. This, in turn, will make it easier for you to find air to breathe when you turn your head.

  1. Focus on technique

Beginner swimming sessions should mainly be about technique. A controlled and smooth swim will make you exert less energy and speed up your progress. Better swimming technique keeps your stroke continuous without any pauses or stops. This will help you maintain momentum and keep you high up in the water.

If you are a beginner triathlete, these basic swimming tips will make you more at ease in the water. They will also help you conserve energy so you can perform better on the bike and run. Even though swimming may not be your favorite portion of the triathlon, these tips will help you handle it like a pro.