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6 Swimming Tips Every Beginner Triathlete Should Know

Don’t jump in the water without knowing these 6 swimming tips Most triathletes come from the running or cycling world. There are some who start as swimmers, but often, swimming is the last added specialty. However, this doesn’t make swimming any less important in your triathlon journey. Some say it is the most critical aspect […]

Swimming in Cold Water: A Beginner’s Introduction

Learn about the benefits and safety tips of swimming in cold water Swimming in cold water is an exhilarating experience. It’s a fantastic way to get fit, unwind, and strengthen both your mind and body. Swimming laps in chilly water can wake you up and make you feel alive in a way that no warm […]

How Proper Foam Rolling Can Help You Recover Faster

Foam rolling: explanation, techniques, and benefits A foam roller can be your best friend. Is yours stashed in a closet or sitting somewhere gathering dust? Get it out! If you don’t have one, visit our friends and partners at Fleet Feet Austin. They’ll get you set up with what you need! Whether you’re training for […]

Helpful Tips to Go From Walking To Running

Graduate from walking to running with this simple advice Is one of your goals to get active? Are you looking for a way to intensify your exercise? Give running a try. It can burn more calories than walking alone, can strengthen your heart, and lower your cholesterol levels. Running can also reduce stress levels and […]

Get Over Your Fear of Open Water

5 tips on how to get over your fear of open water The fear of the unknown and uncertainty of open water can create anxiety in beginner swimmers. Beginner triathletes have to overcome this before race day to have a successful swim. Swimming pools are nothing like a lake, but they are still beneficial for […]

How to Save Money on Triathlon

This advice will help you save money on triathlon Are triathlons expensive? This is what most athletes that start triathlon training wonder. However, this is one of many misconceptions about triathlon. Triathlons can be inexpensive when you smartly plan things. Most triathlon essentials can be found used and purchased at a discount. Best of all, […]

Wetsuit Care Instructions You Need to Know

Follow these wetsuit care instructions to extend its life Wetsuits are a big investment. But they’re worth it because they’re helpful in the water. Proper wetsuit care is important so you can extend its life and get the most out of your investment. Whether you have a full suit, sleeveless, or compression shorts proper wetsuit […]

How to Start Cycling: the Beginner Triathlete’s Guide

Start cycling now and begin training for your first triathlon For those wanting to train for their first triathlon, having a set training pattern is important. You must spend time focusing on all three disciplines, swim, bike, run. This blog will focus on the bike portion and how to start cycling. Whether you’re a new […]

Clipless Pedals Explained and How They Can Help

Understand what clipless pedals are and how they can increase your speed Here’s why you should trade in your rubber pedals for clipless pedals. First, you will be able to generate more powerful pedal strokes. More power and these tips can help you master the hills on your ride. Second, you will gain better control […]