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How to Start Cycling: the Beginner Triathlete’s Guide

Start cycling now and begin training for your first triathlon For those wanting to train for their first triathlon, having a set training pattern is important. You must spend time focusing on all three disciplines, swim, bike, run. This blog will focus on the bike portion and how to start cycling. Whether you’re a new […]

Clipless Pedals Explained and How They Can Help

Understand what clipless pedals are and how they can increase your speed Here’s why you should trade in your rubber pedals for clipless pedals. First, you will be able to generate more powerful pedal strokes. More power and these tips can help you master the hills on your ride. Second, you will gain better control […]

Learn About Brick Workouts and How They Can Help

Brick workouts build your endurance and prepare you for race day Triathlon is an extensive physical competition that tests endurance in swimming, biking, and running. Including brick workouts in your training can help you significantly improve your endurance. Brick workout consist of consecutive sessions of two triathlon activities, usually biking and running, in any order. […]

Helpful Guide for Understanding Aero Bars

Learn about aero bars to see if they’re right for you Aero bars are bike handlebar extensions with padded forearm rests that allow the rider to get into a more aerodynamic position. They are positioned near the center of the handlebar and the cantilever over the front wheel. On triathlon-specific bikes, the shifters are at […]

How to Tell if it’s Time to Tune Up Your Bike

Indicators you need to tune up your bike and our recommendations  It’s important to know when it’s time to tune up your bike. Take care of your bike so you can enjoy as many miles as possible! How often you need a tune-up for your bike can differ depending on several conditions. They include how […]

Ways to Carry Hydration on Your Run

It’s critical to carry hydration with you during your training runs  During training, you don’t have the luxury of aid stations like you do on race day. As if you needed another reason to love race day, hydration on course has always been a fan favorite. However, during training runs it is critical to stay […]

2021 Rookie Triathlon Opens Registration

For 16 years, thousands have chosen Rookie Tri as their first triathlon Registration for the 17th annual Rookie Triathlon opens this Sunday, September 27th. The 2021 Rookie Triathlon will take place on Sunday, May 2nd, at Walter E. Long Metropolitan Park in northeast Austin. Every year, more than 1000 participants complete the first triathlon of […]

Zwift Guide: Everything You Need to Know to Get Started

Build Zwift into your training program with our helpful guide If you want to improve your cycling skills from the comfort of your home, then Zwift can take you on that journey. The cycling and training app gamifies elements to create an immersive and engaging virtual cycling experience. This is a great way for triathletes […]

17th Annual Rookie Triathlon Canceled

Rookie Triathlon canceled for the first time in event history Thank you for your interest in the 17th annual Rookie Triathlon. We absolutely love this event and have produced this fun triathlon annually since 2004. We are so thankful to all the participants, volunteers, and event partners who join us every year. Let’s get the […]