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Everything You Need to Know About the Benefits of Ice Baths

Revealing the Truth About Ice Baths and the Benefits They Offer We’ve seen or heard of athletes regularly dipping themselves into a freezing ice bath after a hard workout. However, what do we really know about the benefits these ice-cold baths have to offer? Take a look at some common benefits ice baths can have […]

Father’s Day Gift Guide For the Triathlon Dad

Triathlon Father’s Day Gift Ideas Give the Tri Dad in your life the perfect gift this Father’s day! From sleek, anti-fog goggles he can rock at Rookie Tri, to the tri tank he’s been talking about for years, our Father’s Day gift guide has it all. One-stop-shop: click these items to order them straight from […]

Rookie Tri Staff Stories: William’s First Tri

No longer a Rookie! William’s First Tri Year after year we produce one of Austin’s most-beloved triathlons, the Rookie Tri. But every once in awhile, we want to get in on the action, too! Keep reading to see William Dyson’s first-ever triathlon experience at yours truly, Rookie Tri. Taking the Plunge I committed to my […]

Ditch Your Laces & Upgrade to Elastic

Out with the Old, In with the New You finally found the perfect pair of running shoes to get you from start to finish at Rookie Tri, but what about the laces that came with your purchase?? A lot of gear is needed for triathlons, but these laces are the most overlooked and under-appreciated piece […]

The Importance of Setting Goals

The importance of setting goals to help you reach things you may think are unachievable Highly successful individuals are big on setting goals for themselves. This is why it is important to apply goal setting to things you would like to accomplish in running or triathlon. Say what you are going to do and then […]

Breakfast On-The-Go: Healthy and Easy Smoothie Recipes

Healthy on-the-go Breakfast Smoothies Recipes Are you more of a breakfast-on-the-go person? Perhaps you aren’t a huge breakfast eater in general. Whatever the case may be, this is just the breakfast solution for you! Try these smoothie recipes for a healthy and easy breakfast for a great way to get you energized and start your […]

Celebrating Moms at Rookie Tri

Celebrating Rookie Tri Moms for Mother’s Day This Mother’s Day we’re celebrating all the hard-working moms who stay dedicated to triathlon on top of everything else life throws their way. While appreciation for any parent should be every day of the year, we wanted to show our extra appreciation for all the moms on this […]

Free Online Workouts to Help You Stay Tri Ready

Be ready to tri year-round with the help of these free, online workouts! Don’t let anything stand in your way from making progress towards your triathlon goals this year. Working out from home may not be your favorite thing to do, but these workouts make it fun and challenging! Change the way you feel about […]

Inspiration to Keep Tri-ing: Our Favorite Motivational Quotes

The mental aspect of training for a triathlon is just as vital as the physical. You take care of your body during your tri training, but what are you doing to keep your mind right during training? You can cycle all the miles, swim all the laps, and complete all the brick workouts. But if you’re not […]

Free Virtual Rookie Tri

17th Annual Rookie Triathlon Goes Virtual We know how hard all of our participants have trained for the Rookie Tri and we think your efforts still deserve some acknowledgment and praise. It’s time to finish what you started and show off your skills by completing the Free 2020 Virtual Rookie Triathlon. This event is open […]