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Change a Flat Tire with These Quick 10 Steps

If you’re out riding on the road, trail, or in a race, it’s essential to know how to change a flat tire. You can take all the precautionary measures there are to protect your tires. You can check the tread regularly, ensure the air pressure is correct, and avoid sections of the road or trail […]

How To Put on Your Swim Cap

In a triathlon like the Rookie Tri, swim caps are provided as part of the race and are required to be worn during the swim portion of the event. Different groups will wear different colors to help signal when waves are starting. Talk to those who have the same cap color, you may just make […]

USAT: What is it and Why does it matter?

The Rookie Triathlon is a USAT-sanctioned event and includes many benefits for those that participate. Here is the low down of what USAT is, why sanctioning matters, and rules and benefits of being a USAT member. Who/What is USAT? USA Triathlon (USAT) is the national governing body for the multi-sport disciplines of triathlon, duathlon, aquathlon, and winter triathlon in the United States. USA Triathlon is a member […]

Beginner Triathlon Gear Shopping Check List

Must Have Beginner Triathlon Gear These are the essential items you will need to get you from the start to finish of your first triathlon Bike Any Bike. It can be anything from your uncle’s old bike that has been in the garage or the mountain bike you take out riding with your kids. Now, be […]

Four Simple Steps to Clean Your Bike

Sweat, dirt, grime. Over time, these can do serious damage to your bike. Clean your bike between tune-ups to keep all of your moving parts working optimally. This is especially true if you are going for longer rides, are a heavy sweater, or if you ride in the rain. Clean your bike and it’ll make your […]

2017 Triathlete Gift Guide

Whether you are buying for someone doing their first tri or their 100th, this gift guide will have your triathlete smiling swim, bike and run. Remember, it is best to leave items such as shoes, goggles, and bike saddles for the giftee to pick out. If these items are on their top want list, you […]

Tri 101 Classes

The Rookie Tri is hosting a TRI 101 at Bicycle World. Come learn the the ins and outs of transition from pro triathlete and Coach Natasha Van der Merwe with Austin Aquatics Sports Academy, as well as basic bike mechanics. These clinics are great for beginners, those needed a refresher, and those that want to […]

6 Best Places to Train in Austin

Here is a list of our favorite places to swim bike and run in Austin, Texas. These are great for all levels of triathletes. Swim 1.Big Stacy Tucked back in one of Austin’s oldest neighborhoods, this pool has been keeping Austinites of all ages cool and entertained since the 1930s.  Best part is it is […]