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Tips to Start Triathlon Training

There is certainly a lot to learn for a beginner triathlete. So, you have decided to do a triathlon. Now what? As former beginner triathletes ourselves, we understand that it can be overwhelming at first. With the combination of swimming, cycling, and running, a triathlon event can be challenging and inspiring. But if you follow […]

Swim Training: The Pull Buoy

Learn how you can use the pull buoy to become a better swimmer. What is a pull buoy A pull buoy is a “figure 8” shaped piece of foam that is typically held between the upper thighs to float the hips and legs at the surface of the water. They are one size fits all […]

8 Post-Race Ways to Stay Motivated to TRI

Our Favorite Ways to stay motivated after a triathlon: Get a coach or training buddy: Coaches and training friends help you stay accountable. They’ll ask where you were if you don’t show up. You don’t want to let them down or disappoint them with lame excuses. So find some friends to swim, bike or run […]

To Wetsuit Or Not To Wetsuit

Let’s start by saying that wetsuits are completely optional at The Rookie Tri. The water temperature is 72, which is more than comfortable to swim in without a wetsuit. So what are the advantages and disadvantages to wearing one? We created a Rookie specific why or why not list for those who want to wear […]

Parking and Carpooling

Parking Parking is very limited at the venue. We have been able to keep parking free and available to everyone by having those racing and their spectators carpool to the event. Please help us continue this by carpooling and encouraging your friends to as well. Parking opens at 5:45am. Plan on getting to the venue […]

How To Pick Up Your Packet

Picking up your packet is easy but does require certain steps to be followed. The Rookie Tri is USAT sanctioned (you can read about what that means here) and has certain requirements to pick up your packet. An important note for relay teams: Relay teams must come to the Expo together to pick up their packets […]

2018 Athlete Tracking & Live Results!

Live Online Tracking You can watch the leaderboard live on race day! Share this link with family and friends so that they can see the results no matter where they are on this beautiful earth. Results Results Messaging You can also sign up for messaging. Search for your name and set up messages to be […]

Pre-Purchase 2018 Race Photos

Remember Race Day! Now you can purchase your photos at a discounted price! For only $19.99 (regular price $39.99), you can receive the FinisherPix Photo Pack in Digital Format. The FinisherPix Photo Pack includes ALL photos we identify of you in all digital formats (Basic digital image, Digital images with Finish Time, Digital images in […]

What to Wear on Race Day

“What do I wear on race day?” That’s one of the most common questions we receive. This is both a simple and a complex question. In reality, you can wear anything, but there are some things you should consider purchasing to make your triathlon experience more comfortable. There are numerous options for what you should […]