Spectator Information

Walter E. Long park is a fantastic event venue to watch a triathlon. The park setting allows for several opportunities to see your athlete. Spectators are welcome to roam the event site and cheer on their friends and family members. There are very few places that spectators will not be allowed, but there are a few rules & guidelines:

  • Do not enter any part of the race course.
  • Use designated crosswalks only when instructed by volunteers and always look both ways and behind you before crossing the course.
  • Please do not jump fences, sneak through gaps, or cross marked boundaries.
  • Please do not challenge volunteers. They are providing instructions for a reason and are most concerned about the athlete's safety.
  • Spectators and/or family members are not allowed into the transition area.
  • Spectators are welcome to help themselves to water.
  • Official race food and drink is for the athletes and volunteers only. Some of our partners will also be giving away free samples, or selling food.